Ram Handlebar Mounting  Kit

For Chatterbox FRS Multi Sport / FRS X2 /
 GMRS X1 Radio's and even  HJC 50 Intercom.

  Mount your Chatterbox Radio on the handlebars with this Kit.  
  • Fits 7/8, 1" & 1 1/14" Bars. 
  • Allows the Radios to be placed on your handlebars in a lot of different locations and angles.
  • Lets you take the radio off the helmet and be placed in a more desirable location.
Once you try the radio's on your handlebars, you will never go back to using them on your helmet. 

You can very easily run  your power filter, audio, push to talk cable, along with passenger headset cords to the radio mounted on your handlebars.  We put all of these cords together in a cable assembly and just pull the cable out when needed and plug the ends into the radio.

A Headset Ext. Cord is required (purchased separately, not included in kit).

We have all of these components in stock.  Total kit cost is $39.95.  Click here to order one.

With the Handlebar mount installed on your bike, you will have the option then of using the cup holder or other misc. Ram items when not using the radio.


 The great thing about the R-A-M system is that it's almost infinitely adjustable! Just loosen the handle on the arm, move your Radio, etc. to the exact position and angle you want, and give it a twist to tighten. It stays right where you put it.

 The heart of the R-A-M System is the R-A-M Ball, which allows the device being mounted to be set at virtually any angle and position.
The bases and arms are constructed of marine grade aluminum, and powder coated for a durable finish. All hardware is either brass or stainless steel. The rubber balls are injection molded directly onto the bases, so they can't come loose. The system holds your gear firmly, while having vibration isolation through the rubber balls.


  How to attach the Chatterbox Units to Motorcycle Handlebars, using Ram Mount Pieces and the Chatterbox helmet bracket.
The Chatterbox helmet mounting bracket shown  is used to mount to the Ram Mount Base.

Only the Helmet Bracket is used.

The Back of the Clam Shell is not used.

Parts list and tools needed for this application are:
  • A screwdriver and pliers.  Kit is Pre drilled.

  • Two pieces of Industrial Velcro. (Shown installed on the pieces below)  Kit includes the Velcro.  You will need a pair of scissors to trim the Velcro.

  • Chatterbox Helmet bracket large piece (front), included in the kit.

  • Ram Mount part "Ram-B-202",  2 1/2" Base, included in the kit.

  • Ram Double Socket Standard Arm (3" or 1 3/4"), included in the kit.

  • RAM U-Bolt  handlebar mount base is included in kit.

  • 8-32 bolt, lock nut, and a washer,  all included in the kit.

This is a general instruction. You can use variations of these steps to mount your Chatterbox with different size arms. Your desired arm length will probably depend on your bike. The standard 3" arm works for almost all applications.  The U-Bolt base with 1" ball works for all 7/8 & 1" handlebars (also 1 1/4" for standard mount).
If you need a special mount for your Sport Bike, Gold Wing, etc. just let us know.

RAM to Handlebar Mounting Kit for Chatterbox Radios and Intercom

The Industrial Velcro will be  applied to the Ram-B-202 (2 1/2" Base) and to the face of the helmet bracket.  Drill a small hole for  the 8-32 bolt in the base of the helmet bracket.  (Already pre drilled in the kits that we sell.)

The next steps will attach the helmet bracket to the Chatterbox unit.

 Press the Ram-B-202, 2 1/2" base onto the helmet bracket, lining up one of the holes with the drilled hole in the Chatterbox bracket.


Insert the 8-32 bolt through the Chatterbox Bracket and then through the RAM base.  Secure with the washer and lock nut.  Do not over tighten.


Completed bracket assembly ready to slide onto Chatterbox.


Completed bracket assembly ready to slide onto Chatterbox.



Completed bracket assembly ready to slide onto Chatterbox.

  • Install the RAM U-Bolt Base onto your handlebars.

  • Connect  your Chatterbox Unit and the U-Bolt Base together with the RAM Double Socket Arm.

  • Check mounting locations before tightening up the U-Bolt Base.

If you desire to connect a passenger intercom from this mounting position:

  • Install a Non Coiled Headset Extension Cord from the handlebar location to somewhere in the back where a passenger can plug another Headset Extension cord into it.

  • Tie Wrap the Headset Extension Cord to your frame, under the gas tank, etc. concealing the cord as best as possible.  This will make a nice neat job.  The cords can be stretched quite a long way.  You can even use heat shrink over any part of it if you are concerned about protecting the cable.  Try and keep the cord away from your ignition.

Pictures of radios mounted.

Push to Talk button, standard with radio kits.U-Bolt Base/Handle Bar & Rail Mount (Chrome) - 7/8 & 1
Optional Chrome U-Bolt Mount available.


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