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  • Shown with a Chatterbox GMRS X1 Radio attached to the

    Mustang tank bib with Industrial Velcro



      The Power Filter Cord is hooked up to the bottom of the radio. 

  •   The Push to Talk Cord is hooked up to the upper right. 

  •   The Headset Extension Cord is in the bottom right. 

  •   The Push to Talk and Power Filter cables are permanently installed on this bike.  We just pull the cables out from under the seat when using the radio. 

  •   This mounting will also work for a X1Slim, Tandem 50 intercom and FRS X2.

 This set-up allows a more protective location for the radio and allows the battery to be charging all the time.



With the radios in front of you, it makes for easier adjustments while riding, and an easy access if you want to plug an audio cord in.
You can also mount your
Tandem 50 intercom, FRS Multi Sport, FRS X2 or GMRS X1 / X1 Slim Radios on your Handlebars using an available RAM Mount kit


To mount using Industrial Velcro:

Place one piece of Velcro on the back of the battery cover appx. size 1 1/4" x  2 1/4".


Obtain a 1" diameter fairly thick washer. 


Attach the washer using a piece of industrial double sided tape to the middle of the area on the back of the radio where the radio would snap into the mounting bracket.  This will bring the area out almost flush with the battery cover. 


Place an appx. 1 1/8" by 1 1/8" piece of velcro on the washer now. 


Decide where to place the radio on your bike and install the mating Velcro. 


Always use both mounting locations on the back of the radio.  The radio will not be held securely enough if you just use Velcro on the back of the battery compartment.

Push to Talk Button and Cable shown mounted on Left Handlebar Grip.

Push to Talk button, standard with radio kits.


Below is a Chatterbox radio installed on a VFR800.  The Full Face Mounting Bracket is mounted directly to the windshield, just like you would install on your helmet.  All wiring is permanently installed. 

With a
Remote Mounting, you can hide all of your wires and then only have a coiled headset extension cord going to your helmet.  Your MP3 or audio source can be installed any place, just run the Audio Cable to the location of the radio.  Be careful of placing MP3 players, audio cables and Push to Talk cables to close to ignitions.

 The Radios can also be put in a tank bag, hard bags, or anywhere else you can think of.  Wire up the Power Filter Cord and you can continuously charge when you are riding or just when you stop. 

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