Honda 1100 Shadow Sabre



 Honda Shadow Sabre


  Teresa and her Sabre.  Land between the Lakes Kentucky  

Just a list of a few items that are on Teresa's Sabre.  Some of the

items are not shown in these pictures.

  I rode this bike for 5 years and put 35,000 miles on it.  I was extremely happy with it and had virtually no problems.  I put many over 600 mile days on it.  I was in the mood to try something else for a little change and wanted to modify the paint again.  So I purchased a new Suzuki C90 this time.  One of our customers has this bike now and is very happy with it.  It does not have Rose's on the side panels anymore, little more manly with a Marine logo and tribal flames now.  Over a period of 5 years we pretty much tried every part available on this bike, letting us give our customers some extremely good information on products that are available for Sabre's.  These bikes have good handling, are nice looking and the reliability is excellent.



Mustang Seat, Memphis Fats Windshield, Cobra Floorboards, Left Frame Cover

Custom World 17" Tinted Windshield, Chrome Lowers, Custom World Radiator Cover

Americade, Lake George NY Area

Blue Ridge Parkway

Foothills Parkway

Lake Huron, July 2004

Adirondack Park NY, Rick

Mackinaw Bridge, Michigan, July 2004

West Virginia

Lake Superior Lighthouse

Ladies of Women on Wheels

Southeastern Ohio Ride, August 2004

Skyline Drive

Custom Painting & Mustang Tank Bib

Two sides of my personality..........


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Custom Painting By MountainMan Pinstriping and Murals.

2008 Southeasten Ohio Ride



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