SE Ohio Motorcycle Ride Guidelines

We have put together a few guidelines for making the SE Ohio Motorcycle Ride as Fun and Safe as possible.

There are only a couple of Rules:



1:  You must have fun.
2:  You have to be Safe. 
We want to get everybody back the same way we left.

In order to accomplish that with a large group we have just a few guidelines to make the ride as Safe and Enjoyable for everyone as possible.





*  Keep a couple seconds between you and the person in front on normal roads and in staggered formation, 3 to 5 seconds in the curves and single file.   
Do not get to close to the person in front of you especially going into curves.

*  We will be blocking just about all intersections, roll through slowly and keep going people will wait.
Do not roll through an intersection if no one is blocking.  We will not be blocking intersections in New Martinsville, but will have people directing where to turn in town.  There are also a couple of intersections in towns coming up Route 60 that we will not be blocking.
We have people helping block intersections.  If you want to help we would really appreciate it.  Let us know ahead of time if you can assist us in this.  We give all people that block an orange arm band.  You basically block once when you get to the front then go to the rear ahead of Teresa until we stop.  If you are up front you will be blocking for us. 

*  Helmet is required to go over bridge into WV.  Gas stop right before we go over the bridge.

*  Zero trip meters so you can follow ride mileage on the trip sheet.

 *  We will be only riding the speed limit.  If you find that people in the group behind you are wanting to go a little faster, just wave them past you. 
Only ride the speed that you are comfortable with in the curves
After turning left on Rt 26 we will go slow through several sharp curves. 
We will end up with a lot of distance between groups of people in the 20 mile curvy stretch on Route 26 from the Covered Bridge to Colgate Dr.  This is expected and to avoid confusion at Colgate Dr. we will have people there directing you to the right at both ends.

*  Teresa will be in the back with a radio, if there are any problems let her know.  You will need to wave to her to make it obvious that you are in need of assistance.  We will make sure that you get help.

We will be giving everyone a bright removable dot to put temporarily on your shield or Headlight so we can tell who is with the group.  We have found this necessary with such a large group so we do not leave people at stops.
We will have a handout available of major Auto Parts Stores, Bike Shops, etc. before the ride for the region.  (see below)

If you plan on breaking off from the group somewhere during the ride, let Teresa know.  We will have you ride behind her for that portion.  We have to do this because when you turn off, other riders will follow you home. 



Contact:  Teresa or Rick from Value-Accessories with any questions.
E-Mail:       440-259-4793

2010 SE Ohio Ride Pictures

2011 SE Ohio Ride Pictures

2012 SE Ohio Ride Pictures

Area business references listed below.  

Treadway Honda Suzuki
2503 Maysville Pike,
Zanesville, OH

Fink's Harley Davidson
2650 Maysville Pike

Doug Kane Motorsports
Yamaha, Kawasaki

303 West Monroe

Big 4 Motorsports
Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha
1320 Pike St

Marietta,  OH, 


S&P Harley Davidson
80 Thunder Road Williamstown, WV

Hometown Honda
1301 Pike St.
Marietta,  OH  45750

Athens Harley Davidson
165 Columbus Rd.
Athens, OH
(423) 253-7700

Advance Auto Parts
38 N Maysville Ave,
Zanesville, OH
(740) 454-8539

NAPA Auto Parts
43 Beaumont St
Zanesville,  OH
(740) 452-9957

2645 Maple Ave,
Zanesville, OH
(740) 453-8700

NAPA Auto Parts
447 Plum St,
McConnelsville, OH
(740) 962-6911

NAPA Auto Parts
537 5th St,
Beverly,  OH
(740) 984-2307

121 Pike St,
Marietta,  OH

(740) 374-3522

NAPA Auto Parts
214 3rd St,
Marietta,  OH
(740) 373-7927

NAPA Auto Parts
124 N Main St,
Woodsfield,  OH
(740) 472-1633

Advance Auto Parts
425 N State Route 2,
New Martinsville, WV
(304) 455-3656

975 W Hunter St,
Logan,  OH

(740) 380-3165


Genesis Bethesda Hospital
2951 Maple Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
(740) 454-4000

Genesis Good Samaritan Hospital
800 Forest Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
(740) 454-5000

Marietta Memorial Hospital
401 Matthew St.
Marietta, OH
(740) 374-1400


Print out the Ride Detail Description below.  If you get to the starting point a little late on Saturday morning, just follow the ride details, you will catch up to us.
SE Ohio Ride Detail Description


Mile  #

Starting from Best Western parking lot, Route 22 East to Route 83 South


Turn Right on 83 South.


Take 83 South into 313 East, Stay on 313 East.


Right on 574, (Seneca Dam Rd)


Left on 566


Left on 147 East


Right on 513 South


Left on 78 East


Stop at Rest Area, Route 78 south side of road


Continue on Route 78 to Route 7.  (78 / 7 Int.). Right on 7 South


Gas stop, then turn Left on Bridge going over to New Martinsville West Virginia.


Go immediately Right on 2 after crossing Bridge stay to the left.  Turn right at the 4th stop light (Ace Hardware on Corner).  This will be North St.  Continue to Maple St and turn left, then right onto Washington.  Pull into Parking lot in rear of Quinet’s Court Restaurant.


Go back across the bridge and turn left on 7 South.


Turn Right on 260.


Left on 26 South.


Stop at Covered Bridge on left.


Continue on 26 to Colgate Dr. (2nd light, right on Colgate Dr.)


Turn right on 60 North From Colgate Dr.


Stay on 60 North, gas stop gas stop BP Gas Station on Right


Stop at River Lock #8 (left side of road).  Then continue on 60 North


Right on I70 East in Zanesville


Best Western, Exit 160.


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None of the groups participating in this ride are liable for any accidents or injuries that you may incur.  Please ride safely and at your own risk.

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