Motorcycle Accessory Fuse Block Installation

There are a lot of reasons to install a Accessory Fuse Block on your Motorcycle, ATV or Snowmobile.

When you need to install multiple items on your bike (Radio's, GPS, Lighting, Heated Clothing, etc.) that all require power, you only have a couple of options. 

Option #1:  Bring all of your individual connectors to your Battery Terminal and stack them all there.  You will also have separate fuse holders in multiple locations on your bike with this method.

Option#2:  Install a Accessory Fuse Block somewhere on your Bike.  You will only need to run one wire from the Fuse Block to the Positive Battery Terminal. 
Your accessory fuses will be very accessible and all in one location.

Fuse Block Location:

Accessory Fuse Block Shown installed inside the Right Side Cover
  • This Fuse Block is installed inside the original tool box.  A 6 position is shown.  Available in a 4 position also.

  • Large Red wire at the top is coming from the Battery Positive Terminal.

  • Wires hooked up to each fuse output are routed to applicable devices.

  • Use appropriate size fuse for device being powered.



Fuse Block in this instance is hidden inside the OEM tool box which is inside the right side cover.  This is only an example of where you can install one of these Accessory Fuse Blocks.


Some Electrical Guidelines:

BSTAR1  Light Bar Wiring Instructions
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