Motorcycle Handlebar Riser Installation Tips

There are a lot of reasons to install Handlebar Risers on your Bike.

Aftermarket Handlebar Risers in most cases will significantly reduce rider back, neck and shoulder strain and allows for a more relaxed riding position.  Aftermarket Risers will greatly increase your comfort and lessen fatigue caused by having your arms stretched out for long periods at a time.  Most people that install a set of Aftermarket Risers will never go back to stock.  You also get the added bonus of the Custom Look from the Aftermarket Risers.

For most bikes you will install Four Inch Risers.  Four inch refers to the actual total height of the risers, not how much extra they will bring your bars back compared to stock. 

Four Inch Risers usually will give you an additional 1 1/2" to 2" of additional rise and an additional 1 1/2 to 2" Pullback to  you.  Do not be overly concerned with the difference between 1 1/2" or 2", both will be sufficient in almost all cases to make your ride much more enjoyable.

Four Inch Risers are usually designed as a straight bolt on replacement.  In some cases you may have some minor cable or hose rerouting.  We will talk about that later.

General Installation Instructions:

In the event that you do need to reroute some of the cables or hoses behind the Triple Tree here are some general instructions:


Show Chrome Twisted Risers shown to the right installed on our own C90.

Cables are rerouted behind the triple tree on this bike.

Washers installed between Rubber Inserts and Twisted Risers.


PhatRiser II Chrome Risers shown to the right installed on our own VN 2000. 

You will also see cables rerouted behind the triple tree on this bike.



BSTAR1  Light Bar Wiring Instructions
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