Motorcycle Headlight and Auxiliary Light Visor installation instructions.

Picture below shows a Honda 7" Headlight assembly.  Visor is installed.

4.5" Auxiliary light shown

with plain visor installed.

Visor Installation:

  When finished you might have some slight movement on the headlight visor, in the very top center.  This depends on the type of bike and headlight.

For that custom chrome look, finish off the wiring with some available Chrome Cable Covering.

Below are specific instructions for  Light Visors installed on 4 1/2" Auxiliary Lights sold by Value-Accessories. 
These instructions are the same for most other Auxiliary lights.

Auxiliary 4 1/2" Light, Visor Installation:



  • Remove lower outside chrome ring bolt.

  • Pull ring apart and remove by pulling bottom away from the light first then moving up.

  • Place the 4 1/2" Visor inside the front edge of the chrome ring.

  • Starting at the top, install the ring on the light working your way to the bottom.

  • Make sure everything is lined up straight, then re-install the lower ring bolt.

  • Picture below shows ring being re-installed with visor.



4 1/2" Auxiliary Flat Light, Visor Installation:


  • Remove the bottom bolt.

  • Remove the light assembly from rear housing.

  • Remove retaining clip, then remove light from the outer chrome ring.

  • Place the 4 1/2" visor inside the chrome ring.

  • Insert the light back in the ring assembly and secure with the retaining clip.

NOTE:  A 2nd person is extremely helpful for holding the assembly while installing the clip

  • Reinstall completed light assembly back on the rear housing and secure with bottom bolt.

These flat lights with a sealed beam are virtually identical to most other lights that you are going to find out there that look similar.  The instructions here will be the same.


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