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Kuryakyn Super Lizard Lights, Fusion LED Lighting, LED Step  & Courtesy Lights, Misc:

The Fusion LED Flex Strips and Kuryakyn Lizard Lights have LED lights and since these are plug and play a lot easier for most people to install  then conventional single LED Light sets that have to be individually wired.
The Lizard Lights come with a controller, eliminating the need for a switch. 
The Fusion LED Lights come with a CPU and a power switch.

Lizard Lights & Fusion LED Light Systems:

Positively one of the easiest light mod's there are. 
All you need to do now is hook up a fused power source (5 amp or less) to power up your lights. 
Kuryakyn Lizard Lights come with a controller and do not require a switch, the Fusion LED Lights come with a CPU that is powered through the switch. 
Instead of hooking directly to your battery, an Accessory Fuse Block is very easy to install. The Fuse Block is the way to go if you are wanting to
install multiple items on your bike (Radio's, GPS, Lighting, Heated Clothing, etc.) that all require power.

Place the Fusion LED Strips or Lizard Pods anywhere you want using the double sided adhesive.  The
Fusion Light Strips are flexible.

Fusion Flexible LED Light Strips each have a 40" to 48"' extension lead that is routed back to the desired CPU Output.  The Extension Leads also are covered with a protective black heat shrink, making them durable and unnoticeable.  The Fusion LED POD's are flexible allowing you to bend and twist them as necessary when mounting.  The CPU is placed somewhere in the rear (under seat, battery compartment, auxiliary tool box) or other storage compartments you can find.  The extra extension cable lengths will be neatly coiled together, tie wrapped and stored by the CPU.
Extension cables are also available giving you extra length for routing or to get to specific locations. You may also install a Y-Splitter at the end of the extension cable allowing placement of multiple LED strips at a larger distance from the CPU.  You may find this very helpful when installing LED POD's on the front of your bike or even on Trikes.  Extension cables are available in one and two foot lengths.  There is also a 3 POD 4 foot extension available that
routes three cables down to one and back to three
. The male ends which plug into the CPU is staggered according to 3 zone lengths.
Fusion FOB Program Instructions:  With the CPU turned off, press and hold the flash pattern button (button A) on the CPU and then press and hold button A (green button) on the remote until you hear three rapid chirps. 
Release both buttons and remote reprogramming is complete.

Kuryakyn Lizard Light Pods are connected together with jumpers which come in different lengths.  The Lizard Lights come with Y connectors and a variety of other connectors allowing quite a bit of flexibility.  The Lizard Lights connect end to end making it very easy to put LED lighting on Tanks, Panels, Trim Pieces or anything else that you might need to remove sometime.


Fusion 21 Color LED Lighting Kit shown below.
Every Fusion system comes with a wireless remote, CPU, Flex-Tech LED's and Mounting Hardware. 
Extension cables available.

Specific Gold Wing and Harley Kits are also available.

Seven Color Super Lizard Lights shown below.
Every Lizard Light Kit comes with Seven Color Lizard Lights, Controller, Extensions, alcohol pads, dielectric grease, cable ties, and spare adhesive pads.

Picture Below shows Fusion 21 Color LED Lighting
installed on our own Suzuki C90 Boulevard.

Picture Below shows Fusion 21 Color LED Lighting installed on our own Can-Am Spyder.

Mounting LED Step and Courtesy Lights:

LED Mounting Locations:

  • I would suggest using a small power supply, charger or your bike power to jumper power to the LED Lighting and hold it in all possible locations before actually doing any mounting. 
    Some locations might not work out as good as you think, and other locations might even look better.  Keep an open mind and explore all possibilities.  You will want to find locations that allow as much light dispersion and reflect as much as possible. 
    Turn the lights off before making final decisions on placement.
  • Try back lighting.  Look for places where the light itself is hidden but can shine down and reflect on your chrome, engine, exhaust, etc.
  • Make sure when looking straight on at the bike from the front, that you can't see any of the colored light.  It is pretty much illegal everywhere to have anything except white shown from the front center.

If you are going to installing a set of Fusion Lights on a Spyder RT, contact us.  We have a list of locations and instructions to help you.

  Picture below shows Purple LED's on our own Valkyrie.Purple LED Step Lights

Motorcycle Accessory Fuse Block Installation Light Bar Wiring Instructions
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