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Chatterbox Frequently Asked Questions & Instructions:


Chatterbox HJC 50 Tandem Pro Intercom
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Can I use the HJC 50 to talk to someone on another bike or snowmobile?

Can my passenger hear everything?

What do I need for my Passenger?

What type of headset do I need?

What does it take to install the headsets in my helmet?

What are the two plastic clip looking things that come with the kits?

Do I have to mount the Intercoms on my helmet?

 If you desire to connect a passenger intercom from this mounting position:

We have Ram Handlebar Mount kits available for chatterbox radios and intercoms, click here for description and pictures.

Are the intercoms Water Proof?

How long do batteries last?

How does the Audio work?


Helpful Operating Tips:

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